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Office of Research and Development, National University of Tainan


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The missions of Cashier Section are as followed.

The release with the salary of faculty and staff, also related expense.

1. Payroll is according to the notification of contracted salary by personnel unit. New colleagues should provide personal information accompanied with postal saving account number.

2. Hourly-Pay is released according to the notification of the Academic Affairs Office. Tutor fee is released according to the notification of the Office of Student Affairs.

The implementation of statutory withholding payments.

1. Government Employees' and School Staff’s insurance, labor insurance, health insurance, supplementary insurance, the Contribution Benefits, the Public Service Pension Fund, and the housing loans for civil servants and teachers, etc. All according to the notification of personnel unit.

2. Income tax deduction is handled according to income tax laws,  withholding rate standard and relevant regulations. The Deductive Vouchers should be issued within the specified time.

The release of petty cash. (The fee should be less than NT$10,000. Such as the purchase of finance and labor, personnel trip allowance and overtime pay.)

Transaction is according to the request form with accounting voucher of the unit.

For the case less than NTD$10,000, the Section arrange directly after approval. For the case more than NTD$10,000, please forward to Accounting Office after approval.

The release of the fee for the Government Financed Student.

Payments are released monthly according to the standard of government subsidy.

The collection of Tuition Fees.

1. The generation with Demand Note of Tuition Fees, which is according to the collection standard of Tuition Fees, students list provided by the  Academic Affairs Office and the Office of Student Affairs, the related deduction, student loan information, etc.

2. Consign Bank of Taiwan with collection and write-off.

The request and the release of various subsidies. (With the project subsidies from the Ministry of Education and the National Science and Technology Council, etc.)

1. Application unit request the payment from subsidy unit should be followed with related receipt.

2. Once the subsidy is deposited into the account of the University, it will be collected by the Section and notify the Accounting Office for entering.

3. Payment is according to the movement slip of the unit followed with the voucher of the Accounting Office.

The collection and custody of deposit and bid as well as other refund arrangements.

Transactions will be according to various engineering projects and procurement cases.

The deposit and transfer of the funds of the School as well as the interest-bearing and funds dispatching.

1. According to the necessity of business, the Section will inform the Accounting Office to dispatch the funds between accounts.

2. Arrangements will be handled according to the voucher of the Accounting Office.