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Computer Center of NUTN
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The Computer Center provides supportive teaching research for all of our teachers & students, planning & maintenance of campus Internet, constructs service system of campus information, promotes information service of Internet, provides computer software & hardware sources, and answers for inquiries on information application and training service on education. The major work item includes:
1. The Computer Center designs and maintains the information systems of campus administration, including Academic systems, General Affair systems, Electronic Bulletin Board system, Campus Forum, etc. The University administration operates more efficiently and effectively using these systems.
2. The Computer Center operates 46 networking and application servers. There are four computer classrooms equipped with 260 personal computers. All computing resources are opened to the administration, the faculty, and the students.
3. The Computer Center provides email service for administrative communication and academic research. Currently there are 361 accounts for faculty and staff, and 5051 accounts for students.
4. The Computer Center maintains the networking infrastructure. There are about 6,000 network ports on the campus including the student dormitory, connected by optical fiber or unshielded twisted pair.
5. The Computer Center maintains the University Website and provides web space for all the departments and units on campus. The web pages enforce the quality of services.
6. In order for the faculty, staff and students to be more comfortable with the latest information technologies, and to be able to use our computing resources more effectively, the Computer Center periodically organizes lots of training courses and seminars. In 2006, there were 29 sessions with 558 persons attended these trainings.

7. The Computer Center maintains the platform for Asynchronous Distance Learning, so the professors could provide courses in the virtual classrooms.

8. The Computer Center began to provide wireless network connections in 2003. At the first stage, the service was only available in some auditoriums and classrooms. In 2004 and 2005 the center continuously expanded the coverage of wireless access to the outdoor all over the campus. In 2006 the Computer Center expanded the coverage of wireless access all over Rongyu Campus.
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