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Computer Center of NUTN
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The Computer Center of NUTN was founded in 1985 to promote the computerization of departments of teaching, research, and other administrative affairs.

In 1987, the school was officially restructured to become Tainan Teachers College. Meanwhile, the Computer Center was officially established and was affiliated with one of the administrative departments.

In 1993, with the effort by ex-principal Dr. Tieh-Hsiung Wu, the Ministry of Education selected the College as the South Center of National Information Service System to provide a field with consulting services and education discussions for the faculty and students in the south. In 1995, the Computer Center has set up three divisions including the Network Section, the Information System Section, and the Administration & Service Section to accommodate the advancement of the network technology, the computerized administrations, and the progress of teaching and research.

The adjunct Director of the Computer Center is Dr. Jiann-Shu Lee who is a Professor of the Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering. The adjunct Chief of the Information System Section is Dr. Jen-Jee Chen who is a Assistant Professor of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering. The adjunct Chief of the Network Section is Dr. Chih-Wei Hsu who is a Assistant Professor of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering. The adjunct Chief of the Administration and Services Section is Dr. Jun-Ming Su who is a Assistant Professor of the Dept. of Information and Learning Technology.

There are a Grade-Three Technician, a Technical Specialist, an Associate Instructor, and five Systems Coordinators whose main tasks include Education Research Support, Campus Network Maintenance, Campus Information System Construction, Network Service Promotion, Software and Hardware Resources Supply, Information Consultation, and Education Training.

There are four Multimedia Computer Laboratories, and a Computer Facilities in Computer Center. All the computers in the laboratories can be connected with the Campus Network System and the Internet.

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