Office of Military Education



  The course of Military Education  is part of the common education of national defense. It orients students the general conceptions from the course of national security, arm forces technology, theory of military arts, and the nursing skills. In the process of acquiring those related knowledge, students should be able to know about the current national defense policies, and to understand the causes of war and peace.

  The student counseling and campus security service is aimed at the strengthening  teacher-student relation, building up a reliable trust, enhancing the ability to assist students, aiding students' learning and security status with military and nursing and education activities, delegating officers as consultants of clubs, service courses and apartment interview. Meanwhile, We want to aid students with difficulty situations and provide a safe campus for them to study by keeping 24-hour security surveillance on campus.

On Duty Tel. :06 - 2135042 (full time and all year)

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